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Decorté 3-D Line Control Reference DET-SKN-366488

Tech-creme Concentrate targets aging in three dimensions


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Tech-crème concentrate targets aging in three dimensions, virtually pixelating fine lines and wrinkles to blur them from view while physically submerging deeper lines in our techno-active complex for a softly uniform skin surface. Perception and reality become one with a new sense of volume and utmost control.

The intensive new Reverse Motion Complex™ brings together for the first time Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Adenosine and other techno-innovative solutions. It helps suppress deeply embedded habits, working to counteract the visible signs of over-constriction of muscles such as deep furrows and expression lines while simultaneously protecting skin’s elastin and collagen, essential proteins that maintain skin’s shape and structure.

Paraben-Free. Dermatologically Tested. No Animal Testing.


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