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Decorté AQ Cream Absolute X Reference DET-SKN-490404

Rested Glow Cream


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Over time, external stressors combined with hormonal imbalances can greatly affect a mature woman’s skin, disrupting the overall epidermal structure that leads to a decrease of skin density or “thinning” of skin.

With this understanding, the DECORTÉ Laboratories have formulated a high-performance night cream that works while the body is at rest. Black Soy Nectar™, a newly developed ferment rich in amino acids and anthocyanins, helps to reverse these cumulative effects. Stress-skin interactions are calmed by selected essentials oils to further induce the body to recover. Skin awakens well-hydrated, with an incredibly soft and resilient texture and overall firmer look and feel. Dullness is replaced with a well-rested glow.

45ml. Paraben free formula.  Dermatologically tested.  Made in Japan.

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