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Decorté Brightologist Solid Tincture Reference DET-SKN-366884

Stick Serum Concentrate


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This highly concentrated pen serum works directly on the surface of dark spots, freckles and other unwanted discoloration to precisely target and reduce their appearance.

Slow Absorption Therapy: kojic acid is suspended within a special slow release complex and delivered deliberately to the skin – disolving a potent potent and precise brightening activity to reduce the appearance of stubborn clusters and spots of hyper-pigmentation.

Decorté Cell-Surround 360°: one of the most powerful anti-oxiidants know to science, it brings exceptional oxidative protection to already potent skin forces, helping further harbor skin from environmental assaults to ensure a beautifully bright and even-toned complexion – today and tomorrow.

Paraben-Free. Made in Japan


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