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Cle de Peau Beaute Hydro-Clarifying Lotion 170ML Reference 11827

A multi-benefit clarifying lotion that protects skin against dryness and provides a luxurious hydrating treatment that inspires a radiant complexion. Removes dull surface cells and refines skin with a comfortable refreshing sensation. Promotes translucence and a look of brightness from within. Gives skin a stunning, renewed appearance.


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  • Contains Illuminating Complex EX, a special combination of moisturizing and re-texturizing ingredients that normalizes communication within skin based on Intuitive Skin Theory* and works to reduce the appearance of damage caused by environmental stress
  • Helps prevent the stressful effect of dryness on skin
  • Promotes a purified refreshed complexion and eliminates dullness and shine that can create a look of fatigue
  • Renews the appearance of skin and inspires a flawless porcelain glow
  • Provides a toning effect that tightens skin
  • Removes sebum, impurities, and makeup residue that remains after cleansing. Comfortably refines skin and promotes a fresh, healthier-looking complexion
  • Provides positive effects on skin texture, firmness, and translucence while reducing the visibility of pores
  • Formulated with an exclusive Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ ingredient, Cellular IC Normalizer that enhances conditions for optimal functioning of the cellular ion channel system*
  • Provides a refreshing texture and gives skin a feeling of dewy smoothness
  • Refines and re-balances skin to create the ideal environment for additional beauty treatment
  • Formulated with a fresh elegant fragrance of natural rose and rare orchid that further enhances the luxury of this hydrating treatment
  • Dermatologist-tested.

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