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Maria Galland Precious Day Cream 50ml

Maria Galland Precious Day Cream 50ml Reference MAG-SKN-008100

Maria Galland Precious Day Cream 50ml


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This softly melting day cream is perfect for skin that needs radiance, but prefers a light texture and doesn’t want to go without UV protection. A bioactive complex of plant lipids, such as phytosterols, glycerides and unsaturated fatty acids, made from canola oil, plus vitamin C increase the skin’s radiance, giving the complexion a beautiful, healthy glow. These important lipids smooth the skin’s surface, minimise fine wrinkles and make the skin velvety-soft. A complex of four blossoms from primula, violet, eyebright extract and silk tree extract soothes the skin and makes it more supple.

A special extract of prickly pear supplies the skin with flavonoids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and pectins. Together with vitamin E, it protects the skin against negative environmental influences and stress factors, and alleviates irritation. The prickly pear extract also inhibits the formation of free radicals in the skin. In combination with an aloe vera/algae complex, it gives the skin additional radiance and makes for a fresh complexion.

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