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Maria Galland Precious Serum 30ml

Maria Galland Precious Serum 30ml Reference MAG-SKN-008155

Maria Galland Precious Serum 30ml


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A bioactive complex of plant lipids, such as phytosterols, glycerides and unsaturated fatty acids, made from canola oil, increases the skin’s radiance*, giving the complexion a beautiful, healthy glow. These important lipids smooth the skin’s surface, thus minimising fine wrinkles, and make the skin velvety-soft. A complex of four blossoms from primula, violet, eyebright extract and silk tree extract soothes the skin and makes it soft and supple.

Panthenol stimulates cell renewal and therefore gives the skin new radiance, while optimising the moisture supply to the skin over a prolonged period. In addition, hyaluronic acid improves moisture levels, stores moisture and alleviates irritation. The complexion looks soft and supple, smoother, plumper and fresher.

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