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Maria Galland Tinted Hydrating Cream 30ml

Maria Galland Tinted Hydrating Cream 30ml Reference MAG-SKN-007851

Maria Galland Tinted Hydrating Cream 30ml


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Intensive moisture, smoothed wrinkles, refined pores, concealed imperfection, a velvety complection, UV protection and a perfect natural finish: The time you need to spend in front of the mirror in the morning to achieve this? Less than 190 seconds! Thanks to the BB factor 190 CRèME HYDRATANTE TEINTéE SPF 15 offers seven answers to the needs of the modern woman. Vitamin E and squalane optimise the moisture stores in the skin, reduce skin ageingm and give the skin suppleness. Linum Alpinum protects against free radicals, and has a pore-refining and skin-soothing effesct. The perfect covering power of the cream conceals small beauty imperfections, such as redness, pigmentation marks or blemishes.The formula is free of parabens.

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