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Rare Mask (125 ml) NEW

CellCosmet CellMen Rare Mask Reference CEL-SKN-562531

CellMen Rare Mask contains an unprecedented concentration of active ingredients for a double effect: healthy-looking complexion and anti-ageing


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The CellMen Rare Mask is a high Tech Detox and Destress Mask with rare earth from the Amazon and Edelweiss extract.

Radiance immediately visible. Purifies, mattifies and erases the signs of fatigue. Densifies, smoothes, invigorates the skin. Clarifies and harmonises a lacklustre, dull complexion. Encourages cutaneous regeneration and immediately soothes reactive and sensitized skin. Preventive anti-ageing and regenerating action, maintaining natural skin hydration at optimum levels. Neutralizes the effects of free radicals and regulates excess of sebum. Reshapes skin facial features and helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

Size: 125ml

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