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Revitalizing Cream Science Aaex 40ml

Shiseido Revitalizing Cream Science AA EX Reference SHI-TRT-323261

Resilient contoured skin, a youthful and vital appearance, awaken skin from the inside to its fullest potential


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REVITAL delivers the benefits of the latest scientific developments to women who care about the life of their skin.

Now, impart the latest science to your skin. This highly effective cream lets you truly feel a response in your skin’s firmness and resilience each time you use it. Works thoroughly on skin as you sleep, filling skin with rich moisture to restore youthful firmness. Formulated with SC Revitalizer (moisturizing ingredient) and moisturizing Collagen Complex. Restores a vibrant youthful look, filling skin with a feeling of supple plumpness from within. Spreads lightly and smoothly, absorbing effortlessly into skin to gently moisturize with a calming floral green fragrance.

Size: 40ml


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