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Swissline CS 360 Sync Time Reversal Program 4x12ml

Swiss Line Cell Shock 360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program Reference SWI-SKN-011802

This ingenious “time reversal” anti-aging cure hones in on the different AM and PM skin recovery functions to bring about a younger looking skin… the effects are synchronized to bring instantaneous and continuous results


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This one-month anti-aging ampoules cure program, consisting of an AM and PM series, improves firmness, reduces lines and wrinkles, re-establishes the perfect level of hydration, detoxes and maximizes vitality and radiance! It contains an innovative, new botanical ingredient – phytochelatins – to combat cellular toxicity, a major cause of aging skin.

• All consumers, regardless of skin condition, concerned with tired, lifeless skin
• Consumers with skin that is already showing the signs of aging, and not responding to the usual care
• Frequent travellers; those experiencing stress and fatigue; people facing changes; or people whose skin is transitioning between seasons

• Anti-wrinkle, lifting and moisturizing
• Protects DNA and decreases glycation
• Contributes to a cellular “detox” effect against intrinsic and extrinsic toxic factors
• Stimulates microcirculation for increased oxygen supply and a bright complexion
• Acts as an antioxidant, due to the Edelweiss bio-extract
• Cellactel 2 Complex boosts vital skin functions and revitalizes cellular metabolism


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