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Swissline CS Age Intelligence Perfect Skin

Swissline CS Age Intelligence Perfect Skin Reference SWI-SKN-011826

Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence Perfect Skin 45ml


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This innovative, two-part revitalizing and resurfacing treatment, consisting of Resurfacing Glycolic Lotion and 60 1-Month Youth Treatment Pads, brightens the skin, minimizes fine lines, reduces post acne marks and refines pores. It brings together two anti-aging ingredients never before compatible: glycolic acid and stem cells, to gently peel the skin’s surface and simultaneously maximize cellular turnover and cellular revitalization.

How to use:

Remove the seal from the cap of the RESURFACING LOTION and pour the entire contents of the bottle over the 1-MONTH YOUTH-TREATMENT pads.

Your PERFECT SKIN cure-program is now ready and activated, and it should be used within a one-month period; ideally with a once-a-day application utilizing two pads.

Apply the pads over the face and neck areas, either morning or night, after the usual cleansing and toning products and before any other serum and/or moisturizer.

*Do not rinse after applying. Avoid the eye area.

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